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Kenzen<sup>®</sup> Bone Health Pack

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Kenzen® Bone Health Pack

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- Bone buddies are your best friends for life -

Kenzen® Calcium Complex and Kenzen® BDZ make up the Kenzen® Bone Health Pack and are partner products that deliver maximum bone support.

The key to maintaining strong bones is calcium but it’s difficult to absorb. Kenzen® BDZ is formulated to enable the body to absorb and utilize calcium to help prevent the onset of osteoporosis.

With the Kenzen® Bone Health Pack, Nikken is pioneering a superior approach to maintaining bone strength, bone density and an Active Wellness lifestyle.

  • Kenzen® Calcium Complex: natural calcium and minerals

  • Phosphorous, magnesium and iron support bone density

  • Zinc supports bone mineralization

  • Copper promotes bone strength

  • Kenzen® BDZ formulated with MenaQ7, ParActin® and Aquamin

Kenzen® Calcium Complex 60 Tablets
Kenzen® BDZ 60 Tablets

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