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PiMag<sup>®</sup> Aqua Pour<sup>®</sup> Gravity Water System Components

PiMag® Water

PiMag® Aqua Pour® Gravity Water System Components

- Replace your PiMag® water system filters and components regularly for optimum performance. Order directly from Nikken to ensure you receive authentic parts -

The Gravity Filter Cartridge contains activated carbon to help reduce the contaminants by natural filtration. The porous Gravity Micro Sponge Pre-Filter helps reduce particulates and is made from washable natural materials. The Gravity Ceramic Pre-Filter provides intensive filtration when more sediment is present. The Gravity Mineral Stones help regulate the acid/alkaline balance of the water.

  • Easy replacement

  • Individual functions

  • Long-lasting

  • Reduces contaminants

  • Reduces sediments

  • Balanced PiMag® water

PiMag Aqua Pour Filter Cartridge
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PiMag Aqua Pour Replacement Micro Sponge
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Ceramic Pre-Filter
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Aqua Pour Replacement Mineral Stones
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