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Kenko Naturest Cozy

Kenko Sleep

Kenko Naturest Cozy

- Feel Snug & Cozy-

Now you can feel snug and cozy wherever you are! The Kenko Naturest Cozy Throw is a light portable blanket that provides the warm comfortable feeling you want when relaxing or sleeping. At home, we can have a snug throw blanket on the sofa, in the den or even on the play mat.

The ceramic reflective fibers in the Kenko Naturest Cozy Throw provide a sense of warmth. When you spread it out, it works as a blanket and when you fold it and zip it up, it becomes a cushion or pillow! Because it's so easy to carry with its sewn-in handle, it also makes a convenient blanket to take on-the-go and make you feel at home—works on airplanes, cars, trains, etc.

  • Ceramic reflective fibers help create warmth for relaxation and comfort

  • Ceramic powder in the threads of the fabric help enhance local blood flow

  • Helps regulate body temperature—warm and cool, not hot or cold

  • Take the comfort of home with you when you travel


Spread: 110 x 170 x 1 cm / 43” x 66” x 0.40”
Folded: 47 x 48 x 16.5 cm / 18.50” x 18.90” x 6.50”

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