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Energy Pack - Save 10%

Wellness Home Packs

Energy Pack - Save 10%

- The Wellness Home Energy Pack is designed to support maximum mobility and overall physical well-being -

This pack is essential to have for living your most Active Wellness lifestyle. Every item in the Energy Pack can be used at home or taken with you to use elsewhere.

  • Patented DynaFlux® Magnetic Technology supports and massages

  • Wraps and DUK tape help support muscles and joints

  • Insoles keep feet energized and comfortable

  • KenkoSeat® II helps maintain good posture

  • Reconnect with the Earth even indoors with KenkoGround®

New Energy Pack Contents:

1 KenkoTherm DUK® Tape black
1 Nikken Kenko PowerChip® with DynaFlux® Technology
1 Kenko MagFlex®
1 Kenko MagDuo®
1 KenkoSeat®
1 Kenko mStrides® (L)
1 Kenko mStrides® (S)
1 Kenko PowerBand® Neck Black
1 Kenko PowerBand® Wrist (Reg) Black
1 Kenko PowerBand® Wrist (L) Black
1 KenkoGround®
1 KenkoTherm® Knee Wrap (L) Black,
1 KenkoTherm® Knee Wrap (M) Black

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